No, Voting for Trump does not make you a “Patriot”

I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor the other day. He stopped by to chew the fat, and unprovoked, he told me that he was attending a Trump rally trying to garner support for his presidential bid. He made…

It started with a post on Facebook that showed a photo of a woman set against a rice paddy in Bali. The lighting was perfect. The bokeh was flawless. It gave the appearance of being a random snapshot that just so happened to turn out perfectly. But what were the…

SWAT officers preparing to make entry during a high risk search warrant

Over the past several months, whether by chance or just a recent trend, I have come upon many articles written on the topic of guns in America. The interesting, and yet likely not surprising thing they all have in common, is that the viewpoints of the authors are highly one…

Mark Robinson

Writer, business owner, veteran, and believer of the importance of social activism.

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